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Accepted Papers

We are pleased to provide the technical theme, title and corresponding author information for all approved papers that have been accepted by the 2018 TAC/NASTT-NW Tunnelling and Trenchless Conference Technical Committee. The detailed technical program will be posted at as it becomes available in October.

2018 TAC/NASTT-NW Tunnelling and Trenchless Conference Technical Themes
Case Histories - Lessons Learned
4 Double Shielded Hard Rock TBMs In Use for the Oslo Follo Line – Project Challenges and TBM Solutions
Karin Bäppler
Herrenknecht AG
940m NPS 42 HDD Crossing of the Victoria Harbour
Samuel Wilson
CCI Inc.
Ashcroft Lateral Pipeline HDD Construction: Lessons Learned on the Use of a Surface Casing
Michelle van der Pouw Kraan
McMillen Jacobs Associates
Confederation Way Sanitary Sewer Bypass – Phase 2, Fort McMurray, Alberta
Carlie Pittman
Associated Engineering
Design and Construction of Unlined Water Tunnels – an Update
Richard Humphries
Following Canadian Pacific Railway protocol for a trenchless crossing in Calgary, Alberta
Remco Kleinlugtenbelt
Thurber Engineering Ltd.
Filippo Mira-Catto
Bauer Foundations Canada
Lessons Learned at Montreal’s Rue Jarry Project: Overcoming Flooding and Rebuilding a TBM to Finish on Schedule
Tom Fuerst
THe Robbins Company
Pilot Tube Guided Auger Boring to Solve Project Challenges, and Go Further in Harder Geology
Chris Sivesind
Soft Ground Tunnelling Techniques for Mine Access Development
Joe Anderson
Golder Associates
Stormwater Management Facility Upgrades at Eastgate Lake
Christopher Kevin Lamont
Associated Engineering
The New Jet Pump Technology, Ideal for Long-Distance Pipe Jacking and HDD Crossing with Highly Permeable Soils
Karin Bäppler
Herrenknecht AG
Winnipeg's First Large Diameter Microtunneling Project – 2,700 mm Trunk Sewer: A Case History
Ray Offman
KGS Group Consulting Engineers
Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation
Cured-in-Place Pipe Liners for Pressure Applications – What the Industry is Doing to Standardize Structural Design and Seal at Services and Ends
George Bontus
Aegion Corporation
Rehabilitation of 3km of 2.4m Diameter Sewer with Sprayed Geopolymer
Carlos Lazarte
Aldea Services, LLC
Structural Considerations of Relining Pipe Infrastructure – PVC Fold and Form
Tim Johnston
The 1905 Toronto Cross Harbour Watermain Tunnel
Leila Sunderani
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
Planning and Design
The City of Toronto’s Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Outfall – Design Innovations
Andre Solecki
Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Outfall – Designing for Time Dependent Deformations in Precast Concrete Tunnel Lining
Jimmy Susetyo
Beneath the City of St. Albert: Microtunnelling the 1500mm North Interceptor Sanitary Trunk
Paul Dedeluk
Associated Engineering
Effect of Rock Strength Components’ Evolution Rate on the Mechanism of Failure in Brittle Rocks
Neda Dadashzadeh
Queen's University
TBM tunneling design in challenging Geological Setting in York Region, Ontario. The West Vaughan Sewage Servicing Project.
Giuseppe M Gaspari
Tunnel Segmental Lining Geometry, Tolerance and Measurement
Mehdi Bakhshi
Research and Innovation
A New Perspective in Hydro Fracture Analysis
Stefan Goerz
CCI Inc.
Analysis of Cognitive Fitness and Accident Prevention
Christina Lee Lindstrom
Obayashi Corporation
Data Management in TBM Tunnelling - From Table List to BIM
Lars Henning Babendererde
Babendererde Engineers LLC
Effect of kaolinite and bentonite on the clogging potential of Edmonton clay
Ali Bayat
University of Alberta
European Implementation of Automation and Digitization in Tunnel Waterproofing and Grouting Practices
Stefan Lemke
Renesco INC
Laboratory assessment of flow behavior and clogging associated with EPB machine excavation
Daniela Garroux Goncalves de Oliveira
Material Flow in EPB Tunnelling – Characterisation and Importance
Mario Galli
PORR Deutschland GmbH
Reducing the Intrusion: Instrumentation and Monitoring for Urban Excavation with Non-Contact Technologies
SIXENSE Canada Ltd
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Reopening a Canadian Landmark: The rehabilitation repurposing of the Brockville Tunnel
Mark Stephen Diederichs
Queen's University
Tunnel Segmental Lining Durability
Mehdi Bakhshi
Unified communication and data network for tunnels
MST Global
Urban and Environmental Challenges
Satellite InSAR monitoring in urban tunneling projects
Giacomo Falorni
Novel Solidification Technology and Tracking Software Solves Waste Management Problem for Large HDDs in Urban Environment
Nick Gannon
Allstream Waste Solutions Inc
Pedestrian Tunnels – The Mode of the Future
Don Del Nero